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Here at Train with Shady, we offer science based online coaching opportunities for maximum effectiveness! Whatever your fitness goals are, Shady is here to personally help you throughout your journey. 

1000+ Worldwide Clients Who Have Gained Powerful Results

Shady is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist who is globally recognized for his proven effective and scientific approach to fitness. Shady’s certificates include Active IQ levels 2 & 3, which came with a quality education in the field of fitness. His Nutritionist and Sports Nutrition specialist certification from the Sports Performance Institute, which is approved by the American College of Sports Medicine. Furthermore, he is registered as an exercise professional through the UAE. With extensive experience, Shady tailors his plans for each client to help them achieve the lifestyle they desire. You are just one click away from beginning your journey to achieve results and the ideal body shape you strive for

Train With Shady

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Science Based Nutrition and Fitness

The following five pillars of nutrition and fitness are essential to achieving your optimal shape!


Your weight loss diet plan or weight gain diet plan will include nutritional advice on what and how much to eat.


Maximize your results with a science based weight loss plan or weight gain plan!  

Daily Activity

Reach your goals faster by tracking and managing your daily steps.


Our proven methods will boost your motivation and keep you on track to achieving your ideal body! 


Become knowledgeable on how to measure your results and adjust as needed. 

Client Transformation

Proven Useful Resources

Check out my useful and scientifically researched resources to help you along your fitness journey! 


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