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With over ten years of personal training industry experience, Shady is passionate about helping each of his clients reach their fitness goals. He is a world-renowned trainer and has received his global recognition certification from Active IQ. This certification is known for being rigorous and producing some of the best personal trainers the world has to offer.

Shady has designed effective workout plans personalized to the body type of each of his clients. These plans have assisted over 1000+ clients in successfully reaching their fitness goals. In addition, Shady’s fitness and diet plans have helped him stay consistent in his own physical goals.

Furthermore, he is certified through Sports Performance as both a nutritionist and a sports nutritionist. This organization is recognized by the American University of Medicine. Shady is known for using a proven and science-based approach to helping his clients obtain the body they desire.

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Shady`s Science-based approach to fitness has had a positive and powerful impact on hundreds of his clients. this straightforward way of formulating fitness and diet plans is an effcient way for him to aid his clients in reaching the results they want to see faster.  

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with his extensive background as a personal trainer paired with his glowing credentials, shady is known for creating plans that will encourage results. he uses the perfect balance between a science based approach, clear communication, and personalized plans to help his clients become the best version of themselves.